Try not to lift the card off the counter, as many dealers or dealers can see your card. Other players are also included, so try not to lift the card off the table if you want to go to the casino. If someone else already knows your card, it's like revealing a secret to others, it has the right to get us lost.

Not displayed when the card is received. We should not show facial expressions as verbally, that would make our opponents aware. Try to keep it.

While waiting for our eyes, new players often don't know if it's our turn. If you play online, a warning sound will be issued but there is no need to add a little more, because we will know for a few glances. GCLUB. If you want to play with the counter, please consult the dealer immediately. Do not be considerate. Usually, they will send us a signal when it is our turn.

There should be a lot of chips in front. This is courtesy of the table players. This is not to show off any money, but to be honest with the other party. It was misunderstood because it secretly enlarged the chip. Which casinos are also considered extremely illegal.

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